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Daniel Berube

Daniel Berube recently completed his first feature-length film, Suicide City, in Boston. Prior to this he lived in Chicago, where he made numerous short films as an undergraduate. He is now in development for his second feature and currently living in Southern Illinois.

His email address is dberube at yateshousestudios.org.

George Collins

In addition to his role in Suicide City, George Collins has done production and post-production sound and picture work for a number of short films and several documentaries. He has also composed music and designed sound for over twenty stage plays. His current film project is a screenplay called The Colonies.

He can be reached at gmcollins at yateshousestudios.org.

Jeff Norman

Jeff Norman studied acting and directing at the renowned Chicago Actors Studio, where he is currently on staff as an acting instructor. In addition to the many theatre projects he has produced, directed and performed in, Jeff has appeared in numerous independent films including Bret Johnson’s The Blanket and Daniel Berube’s Strange Memories of Death and Suicide City. Jeff currently resides in the East-Pilsen Arts District of Chicago, where he is founder and artistic director of Squaresville Theatre (www. square77.com).

He can be reached at jeffnorman2 at yahoo.com.