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The population of Otranto is decreasing rapidly due to a suicide epidemic. The Mayor of Otranto, a lonely old man, is fixated on his vanished youth and forever mourning his long-dead wife. Theodore, a younger man, is the host of "Those Who Have Died," a televised obituary. He lives with his mother, Sicilia, who suffers from dementia. His estranged wife, Matilda, is afflicted with weeping spells and stays confined to her room. At the heart of the city is the psychiatrist Dr. Manfred, who may be the cause of the outbreak. Every night he slits his wrists and attempts to take his own life, only to be rescued each time by a team of paramedics.

Strange Memories of Death

An apartment complex is being converted into a condominium. The tenant of apartment C-1, known only as the Cat Man, is buying his apartment, but has become obsessed with the fate of his reclusive neighbor, whom he refers to as the Lysol Lady. The Lysol Lady can't afford to buy her apartment and she won't leave. She doesn't live anywhere else.

Short Student Films

Other films by Daniel A. Berube, made while he was an undergraduate: "The Insides of the Drinks," "Sundays Inside of Monday," "A Winter's Virus," and two narrative fragments, both entitled "Marilyn."

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