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The population of Otranto is decreasing rapidly due to a suicide epidemic. Meanwhile, a play is being staged; it is set in another world, one inhabited by the victims of suicide. Theodore, a young man who lives with his mother, is the host of "Those Who Have Died," a televised obituary. When Theodore's mother, who suffers from dementia, kills herself by overdosing on sleeping pills, Theodore becomes concerned. His mother was a patient of the psychiatrist, Dr. Manfred, and, as Theodore soon discovers, so is most of the city. Many of the names mentioned on his program were Dr. Manfred's patients. Theodore realizes that Dr. Manfred may be behind the unexplained outbreak. If Theodore kills Dr. Manfred—a man who has repeatedly tried to take his own life—will it stop the approaching catastrophe?

Daniel Berube is the writer, director and editor of Suicide City, as well as its director of photography. George Collins composed the music and designed the sound for the film, as well as handling postproduction effects and processing. The piece was shot on DV with the JVC GY-DV5000. Berube and Collins are co-producers on the project. The fictional city of Otranto is an older city on the East Coast, and the film was shot mostly in and around Boston.

Suicide City was completed in January 2006, and we are currently submitting the film to various festivals.