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Strange Memories of Death film stills


An apartment complex is being converted into a condominium. The tenant of apartment C-1 is buying his apartment. He calls himself the Cat Man because he has two cats. The tenant of apartment B-15, his neighbor Mrs. Archer, cannot afford to buy her apartment. The Cat Man thinks Mrs. Archer—whom he refers to as the Lysol Lady, because her apartment smells of Lysol—is insane and will not leave her apartment voluntarily. In the mind of the Cat Man, Mrs. Archer's perception of reality is outside the common consensus. She has not entered into a compact with everybody else.

"Strange Memories of Death" was written, directed, produced, and edited by Daniel A. Berube. It was photographed on Super 16mm by cinematographer Fred Miller. George Collins composed the music and designed the sound. The film stars Mark Christopher as the Cat Man and Carmelita Banks as Mrs. Archer, along with Jeff Norman, Patricia Melone, Richard Forkin, Molly Fix, Dareese Robinson, and Jon Lange. The film was shot in and around Chicago and was completed in August 2002.

"Strange Memories of Death," which was shot as a thesis film at Columbia College, was adapted from a personal essay by Philip K. Dick. We attempted to acquire the rights to the essay through Russell Galen—the literary agent who currently manages Philip K. Dick's estate—but were told that his agency never grants rights to student filmmakers. For the time being, therefore, we are unable to distribute the film or submit it to festivals.